Let's Go!

You don't have to let your health hold you back, or allow your mindset to get in your way anymore!

You can achieve your goals, you can build a business that energises not exhausts you & that gives you more freedom & less overwhelm.

Join this new membership where you get to be back in control of your time & your energy as you work towards your goals.

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Why Join the Waitlist as a BETA member?

Once you're on the waitlist, you will get the opportunity to be one of the very first members of Quietly Conquering. This means you will access the monthly content for only £1.99 per month - for however long you remain a paying member!

The launch price for this offer will be £4.99 per month, with the price increasing over time as content grows.

Additionally, as long as your remain a member - you will be able to access any upgrades / VIP access / Additional Co-Working at no extra cost!

What happens next?

Now that you're on the waitlist, you will get updates when the program is ready to go live. If you are a BETA member, you will receive a special sign up page with the heavily discounted rate. This rate will remain yours for the duration of your time within Quietly Conquering.

How / When will I receive the updates?

You will be added to a separate mailing list for those who are waiting for this to go live. You'll also receive the weekly email in addition to this.

If you have any questions at all about Quietly Conquering, you can reply to the waitlist emails, or reach out to me using [email protected].

More information will follow to give you a better idea of what this membership involves & what you will get out of it! I am beyond excited about this - I wanted to create something that those who don't like showing up to ask questions inside a group, or who find group settings overwhelming the opportunity to still feel part of a community without the extra pressure it can bring.

When will it be launched?

The programme will go live towards the end of summer break (end of August) so that we can get underway in September.

I felt this was a great time to do it because many will be settling back into a routine of sorts & looking ahead to Black Friday & the end of the year.

But you can always reach out to ask any questions. If you know of others who may be interested in joining us, please feel free to share

the link with them.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

While I don't offer affiliate due to the very low cost at this time, I will keep a record of those who sign up following a recommendation so that I can award prizes (free months / 1-1 call / free digital product / discount on offers etc.)

I hope that helps to explain a little more, I cannot wait to get started with you!

Lynsey x

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